Characters From Royal Street

The following are tiny little snippets of life from days spent working on Royal Street.  These are extra fun for me so expect many more to come.

Today a middle aged man came in and said he does a whole lot of the same. He likes it the same he finds it’s his comfort zone. He’s a lawyer & works all the time, even on weekends. I guess he likes it that way.

A group of assorted school-aged kids walked by today and asked me where they could did some souvenirs in the area, and also where exactly was the French Quarter they had heard so much about? I thought about telling them to hold a blink a spin around and that when they opened their eyes they’d see at least one place to buy some “valuable souvenirs.”  However sticking with the very New Orleans be-nice-or-leave mentality, instead I welcomed them to the French Quarter, gave them a map, and recommended at least ten areas where they might find a gift shop. I hope they had an adventure.

Today is Halloween. A group of ladies with vintage-y clothes and stunning tattoos came into the store. One girl had real life fangs. She said she had her dentist do them a few years ago. I gave her my number.

A lady came in whose perfume reminded me of where my mom always got her hair done when I was growing up. I allowed myself to get lost in the memories of sitting with her while she let her dye set and reading magazines like a grown up.

A young man with over stylized hair followed by an over stylized lady walked into the store and asked if there was anywhere he could find “nice high end” clothing. He proceeded to tell me the dresses I sell were “cheap crap”. He said no offense like it would break all tension. I told him I was in fact a little offended and sent him on his way with a “good luck” that dripped in enough sarcasm to drown a hypothetical whale. His girl friend had fake lips, fake tits, and a fake prada bag … Well, at least I’d like to think it was fake.



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