The Great Big Mess of a Move

We made a ferociously quick move from our old place to our new. Literally from none of our stuff packed at all, no plans, nothing to fully moved in to a new place that needed some time and effort before living there was possible. Here’s my day by day log of how we did it. 

Day 1:

Today we packed up the entire living room & most of the bedrooms. Packing organization was a bit disastrous. We literally packed everything into whatever would hold it. Craft supplies went in with books and bits of the bedroom that had creeped into the living room were thrown in with everything else. I doubt we’ll sort it all out for months.

At 8pm we met our new landlord at our soon to be apartment and traded a check for a key. He made sure to tell us that he “didn’t give a single fuck” about paint colors. Very good news because the colors were terrible. In the next hour we burned some sage for luck and decided on most of the colors for the apartment. Originally, we were going to bring a load of living room to the new place, but we were so excited about painting that we skipped straight ahead. By midnight we finished the first coat in the kitchen and entryway and had started the doors and baseboards. Ben stayed late and painted the bathroom too. The poor landlord is not going to recognize the place tomorrow morning.

What fun!

Sage burning for luck

Sage burning for luck

Bleh... Mint green and pink trim

Bleh… Mint green and pink trim

Let's get some paint on those walls

Let’s get some paint on those walls

Better already

Better already


Day 2:

Tonight we brought the living room, and a lot of the bedroom to the new apartment.  Then we painted the bedroom a pretty deep green color and did what we could on the doors and baseboards. We’ve decided that the person who painted before us must have been color blind. The colors were bad. Seriously, just look at them!

Everything would have been alot better except for the pepto-bismal color on everything that should have been white.  Somehow the pink makes things feel off.  Its a sickly hospital color and I’m having a hard time imagining why anyone would even mix it, much less use it so much in a house. We have been painting the trim and the doors white, but the pink glows from underneath. If we want to keep the dismal pepto-bismal at bay, we’ll have to do a few coats.

Still, one coat of white is better than none.

While we painted we talked a bit about the decor for the house. So far we need to find floor to ceiling sheer curtains, lots and lots of rugs, wood pallets, overstuffed pillows of assorted color, shape, and size, a shower curtain, fishing line, Edison light bulbs… Etc.

Old stuff at the new place… also the living room is painted

Cleaning the closet.. getting worn out

Cleaning the closet.. getting worn out


Day 3

We moved pretty much all of our stuff in. It’s been a crazy weekend. Alex & Ben spent the day cleaning, moving, and painting. Then we finished moving the big stuff with our buddy’s pickup truck.

We had a few breaks to show the apartment to friends who stopped by, but for the most part we moved from 5pm to midnight.

There were a lot of boxes full of things we hadn’t unpacked from Ohio and a lot of boxes full of random assortments of shit. We really just threw every thing into whatever would hold it. Books with plates, blocks of wood with underwear, and tools with shoes and  breakables. We still have a lot to do, but so much less than yesterday. Today was a great success.

We all agree that the move was by far the easiest & quickest ever. And that really means something because in the past six months we have moved ourselves & friends nearly a dozen times. We are black belts at moving. Champions.  We plan to reward ourselves by staying here for a good long while.

We are roughly 85% done with the move and maybe 60% done with the painting.

Then all we have to do is unpack.


Day 4

Packing & moving kitchen & bathroom, Laundry at old place, and cleaning at new place

after the first days of the move, even the small stuff was massively exhausting.

I stopped taking pictures… we weren’t doing fun things any more.


Day 5

Unpacking around the house & final push for the old apartment. We found we needed to do a some unpacking so we could make space for more stuff to come in.


Still to do:

Painting so much f***king trim white

Unpacking, organizing & generally getting comfortable


One week later:

We’re still unpacking. Halloween was a lovely whirlwind and we are now getting our stuff together for a great big Chewbauchas opening party on Friday.  Here’s to a level of insanity that never seems to settle down.



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