New Orleans Fall

Fall in the south is a lovely phenomenon. None of my usual indicators for fall work.  The leaves don’t change because most of the trees are covered in palms or orbs that will soon be fruits. Plus, there’s no fear of frost or forgetting your jacket.

People tell me that it will someday get “chilly” here but I figure they mean something different than we meant in Ohio. Don’t get me wrong, after four months with the temperature hitting the nineties in the shade, the sixties do feel a bit nippy.

New Orleans Loves Halloween

New Orleans Loves Halloween

Regardless, I’m looking forward to bringing out my Fall wardrobe. Fall was always my favorite season fashion-wise. You get boots and leggings and scarves. You get deep colors, jewel tones and plaids. Best of all, you get layers. Outfits are always a little better with an extra layer or a jacket

Fall in New Orleans is different from Ohio in attitude. In the midwest, Fall is time to hunker down and prepare for the long, cold, and generally miserable winter ahead. Events and parties slow nearly to a stop and everyone looks forward to those major points of fun like Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

This guy had Fall smells on his porch and fake leaves in his palm trees!

This guy had Fall smells on his porch and fake leaves in his palm trees!

In New Orleans, everything picks up. The temperature drops from somewhere near boiling to the comfortable levels I’d usually match with a mild summer. Second lines and impromptu parades sneak into the day to day excitement of New Orleans. Tourist from all over the world start to flood into the city. The really excellent street performers make the find their favorite corners and make their stage in French Quarter.

My schedule and the respective schedules of everyone have been crazy since the beginning of October. We just finished building a gigantic cardboard and paper-mache skeleton marionette for a Halloween weekend show. We have poured countless hours and cardboard

The only Fall leaves I've seen

The only Fall leaves I’ve seen

boxes into this puppet and it has got us a lot of attention. We are really looking forward to the show and Halloween in general. Of course in the town famous for voodoo and haunted houses, people love the holiday. Which is great because so do we!

Look out for updates from our highly anticipated Halloween weekend!




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