New Orleans has a way of not letting you get too comfortable. In the four months we have been here I have seen the pendulum of life swing from exceptionally good to exceptionally bad more than ever. It’s easy to see how a person could lose themselves here. It’s easy to see how this town could ruin a person a-la house of the rising sun.

This months round of drama is a pretty big one. Our landlord came the other night to tell us that a friend of his dad’s will be moving into the apartment we currently call home on December 1st. I suppose that’s just what we get for going without a long-term lease. No hard feelings, we brought this on ourselves.

Current home street

Current home street

We have done some really amazing things in the Burgundy Street apartment. We’ve met almost all of the neighbors and in a short time across the country from our mid-western support systems, we have built quite the network in New Orleans.

I’m not even worried, not much at least. We are going to move along and be fine, happier even. We will once again be pushed out of our comfort zones. We know we create best when we have to scramble anyways. Plus after roughly 10 moves between us and friends in the past year, I’d say we’re getting pretty good at whole moving thing.

We have a new place picked already. We will be in a bit of a financial bind for a moment, but the place is bigger and better suited for our needs. Plus, it’s over top of the Lost Love Lounge which is one of our favorite bars in town.

Packing will make us more organized.  Lies, this is bohemia.Lost Love Front

Deadlines motivate us. Having lots to do means getting a lot done. Stress makes us work harder and hard work gets you up that proverbial ladder a littles quicker. A new place will become a new home. We will meet new neighbors and continue to grow our social network. We will reorganize and regroup but we will not retreat. Sometimes to grow you have to get a little uncomfortable.

Found this down the street from our soon to be new place.

Found this down the street from our soon to be new place.

IMG_3705 IMG_3661


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