An Open Letter to You

Dear People who have paid attention to this blog,

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I don’t know if  you could define my plans for this blog as big, but at the very least I figured I’d keep things updated. Don’t worry none of the usual things stopped me from writing. It’s not for a lack of inspiration, I’ve been writing all sorts of things and my life has been whoa-crazy for the past couple of weeks so I’ve had plenty of interesting tid-bits to tell.

I supposed maybe I have kept back some pieces for privacy. When things get all gooey and emotional, it’s hard to throw them out to the world. So, I feel like I owe those of you who have read the few post I’ve made thus far, and continued to read this blog some form of explanation. So I’ll be vague, I’ll be concise, and if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, probably it’s not for you to know.

A lot of new complications fell into my life. We need to move. Which, maybe we should have been better prepared for, but we’re figuring on it out now. Theres a pretty major family issue that I just learned about. Yes, here’s me being vague. As of this moment, it’s all too emotional and current for me to sort out enough of my feelings to post them up for the whole wide Internet to see.

Also I’ve been doing some considering about my life and the path that it’s taking. Perhaps because of the recent complications. I’m asking myself a lot of difficult questions. I’m wondering if my decisions are the right ones and reconsidering decisions that I’ve made already. I feel the same as I figure many people my age feel: I don’t  know for sure what I want, and I feel very strongly that I should know and that I should be working toward that elusive thing.

The one thing I feel strongly is that I need to keep doing. I need to keep creating and most of all I need to keep writing. If I stop, I might as well just throw in the towel and let down all the people who ever believed in me.

So, People, wonderful People who are reading this blog, People who have inspired me and encouraged me and given me support now and ever before: thank you. Thank you for your support, even if you have no idea what it is that’s made me so silent for the past week (the week that, for me, has been like a lifetime), reading this is plenty of support for me.

Best wishes to all of you and keep me in your thoughts. I’m working towards victory, whatever that means, keep on reading to watch me try and get there.

Found this lovely view

Found this lovely view

Sometime you get a Yellow Light

Sometime you get a Yellow Light

Sometimes walks are good

Sometimes walks are good



2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to You

  1. Thinking of you tonight Megan…lots of things on your plate, but I know you will be fine through it all. Take each day one at a time.. Don’t worry about where your life is headed, each day gives you choices. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far. Big hugs to you !!


  2. The road that we follow will always have bumps and chuck-holes in it, but we will always get through and learn something along the way. Be strong and know we are here for you.


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