A Lovely Surprise House Guest

Last week a friend of a friend’s friend decided to come to New Orleans for a visit. We barely had enough warning to beat the house into presentable submission, but with a few text messages and film-set-level quick thinking she was on her way. The house got to enjoy hosting one  more wonderful sparkle of life.

Our guest is the writer of “Welcome to the Human Disco”, so let’s call her Ms. Disco. She is a traveler. She grew up in France and starting at age 18 she got to work living in all of the other European countries. She is what I would consider an excellent modern gonzo-esqe journalist and a beautiful, bohemian soul. During the past week we were all inspired by her boldness, excitement, and curiosity about all things New Orleans.

This one is by Ben

This one is by Ben

Ms. Disco discovered and connected with so many people and places in New Orleans. She certainly connected with my housemates and I on a deep level, living in our kitchen on an air mattress for the trip. She took pictures of everything. We swapped stories and history lessons, shared adventures and a few hangovers. She left behind a precious trail of memorabilia:  A poster for a 1986 Picasso Show, a ghostbusters pair of “knickers”, a bottle of French wine, and all the joyful inspiration you could imagine.

I think New Orleans really got to her too. Here’s a beautiful quote from her latest post:

New Orleans is slow, humid, warm and sticky like sex. When you are about to let go and indulge, losing yourself into it, someone or something brings your awareness back because it can be a matter of life or death. I have never been anywhere where the Eros & Thanatos friction (pulsion of life vs pulsion of death) is perceptible in such extent.

She’s right. New Orleans is personified in a very real way. Somehow, just being here makes it more real. It gets to you and makes you excellent and a little bit crazy. It seeps into your soul and bones and after you leave, it will forever call you back. I’ve only been here four months and already I can say I’ve had the very best of times and some of the very worst. But even with through the tears and rain, the good parts are so amazing that even the most terrible things ever don’t seem so bad.



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