Strangely Famous

I consider my life to be pretty normal, most of the time. But sometimes, life throws me a curveball and I get a tiny glimpse at how other people see me. Last night for example…

First off, a little backstory. I lived in Ohio my whole life up until about four months ago when I moved to New Orleans with 3 of my best friends. Before we moved, we had started a performance group and put on shows at all sorts of artsy venues in the Cincinnati area. At some point or another the group decided and I agreed to learn to DJ so we would have a person on hand to play for shows.  I have had quite the love-hate relationship with DJing and when we got to New Orleans I had basically decided to quit.

Flash forward to last night. We attended a steampunk “airship meeting” just to see what that scene here was all about. The people there were very welcoming and when we came in we got a big hug from the Airship Captain himself. After a drink, I asked him how we’d met. He said we hadn’t so I introduced myself and asked about a steampunk event in Cincinnati that I had DJed at. He got really excited and said “ Wow! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” and dragged me into the hallway to “talk business.”

This is what Steampunk (can) look like

This is what Steampunk (can) look like

For the rest of the evening Mr. Airship Captain introduced me to everyone and the New Orleans Steampunks showered me with compliments. Talking with Steampunks is really fun for me. They are usually very cerebral people and always seem to move the conversation to interesting topics outside of the usual sports, or weather.

The handful of people who were at the Cincinnati event were all about it. They said they had never before seen so many steampunks dancing and they were so looking forward to me playing at their next event.

People have appreciated the my music before, but I have never seen that level of excitement. But for a night, with one little group, one sliver of circle on the outer edge of all things normal, I am a person to remember. I get to be a bit of a celebrity. I giggled a lot and sometimes I blushed. It was strange, crazy, and fantastic.

Maybe I won’t quit DJIng.


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