The Great Big Mess of a Move

We made a ferociously quick move from our old place to our new. Literally from none of our stuff packed at all, no plans, nothing to fully moved in to a new place that needed some time and effort before living there was possible. Here’s my day by day log of how we did it.  Continue reading



Everyone has their own opinion of what success is. It’s a fluid sort of thing that changes as life goes on. Everyone wants to tell you how to get there, but every path is different. The way to get where you’re going really depends on where you want to be.

Think about the difference between the guy who spoke at college graduation and Eminem. They both are successful in the eyes of those who watch them. They might even be successful in their own eyes, and what more than that could a human possibly want? Continue reading


New Orleans has a way of not letting you get too comfortable. In the four months we have been here I have seen the pendulum of life swing from exceptionally good to exceptionally bad more than ever. It’s easy to see how a person could lose themselves here. It’s easy to see how this town could ruin a person a-la house of the rising sun.

This months round of drama is a pretty big one. Our landlord came the other night to tell us that a friend of his dad’s will be moving into the apartment we currently call home on December 1st. I suppose that’s just what we get for going without a long-term lease. No hard feelings, we brought this on ourselves. Continue reading